The Butt that Started it All


This is the picture that is a turning point for me.  I love it.  My family looks so adorable and it is just such a sweet representation of who we are.  But, the sixth member of the family (my ass) looks so HUGE!!!!  Really, I love this picture but I absolutely hate how I look it in.

I can see why so many parents (moms specifically) shy away from getting in front of the camera when they are feeling in not such great form.  I never thought I could ever have let myself get to this point in my life.

I can’t let myself continue on this path.

So I am making aggressive changes in my life.  I started a very strict physician assisted diet this week.  From what I can tell by tracking all my foods for the last few days my calorie intake is between 1000-1300 calories.  I was instructed to eat 5-6 small meals a day. I start with breakfast at 7am, snack at 10am, lunch at 1pm, snack at 4pm, dinner at 7pm, and a snack at 10pm if necessary (who am I kidding? I am asleep by 10pm!!!) My doctor told me to set a timer for those meals/snacks so that I do not skip them.  It is important for the metabolism to stay ahead of hunger.

It is amazing how little one can eat and still be alive 🙂

The week has been a real lesson in moderation.

I am hungry, but not hungry.  I know that makes no sense, but I actually think most of my eating is pretty mindless. I eat because there is food around and I want it.  I have not really developed any hunger cues  in my life, so this timed eating is actually teaching me how to know when I am hungry and when my body needs fuel.  I won’t say it has been easy because it is not AT ALL.  However, it is very logical.  I eat what I am supposed to when I am supposed to.  No more, no less.

Here is what I ate yesterday:
Breakfast:  Egg and Cheese on whole grain bread
morning snack: 2 tbsp hummus and baby carrots
Lunch:  Brussel Sprouts and Glazed chicken with rice (Lean Cuisine)
afternoon snack: 3/4 cups low fat cottage cheese
Dinner:  Beef Stew (medium bowl)

Everything tasted really good, but I was also very hungry.

Now, this diet works for during the week when nothing is going on except a very predictable work and home schedule.  My question is, how is going to work on the weekend????

I don’t know.

But I am going to stick to the plan.  I see the doctor again on January 6 and I am hoping to be down some major pounds.  I am giving myself two days relaxed (Christmas Eve and New Years Eve).

So, we will see.


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