Groundhog Day

Do you remember that movie, Groundhog Day? Bill Murray’s character wakes up every morning to the same thing happening again and again?Man, I love that movie.

But, sometimes I feel like my life is a play on that movie and I don’t like it at all. This very restrictive diet is just that, very restrictive. I have a choice of about four items for each meal and snack and that is about it. I don’t love it or hate it. It is what it is.

Today I went off track for lunch because frankly I am so tired of salad. I have never been a real lettuce person to begin with, so the thought of eating another salad made my stomach turn. So I decided to split a kids meals with Ryan. Chicken fingers and fries. Now, the old Liz would have had a basket to herself, but the improving Liz split a kids meal that had approximately three chicken tenders and fifteen fries total in it. So I had a tender (yes, one) and a few fries and then I ate the celery and carrots that came with the husband’s meal.

And I left feeling guilty. 

Like I had made a bad choice.

And I felt ashamed.

Then I snapped myself out of it and realized this is real life and not a movie. I will have to make choices for the rest of my life and I need to make good ones but I also can make some bad ones in moderation and still be okay.

The end.


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