Just Do It

Just Do It!

God bless the marketing department at Nike. When they came up with hat slogan I am sure it was supposed to be for one season, but here we are some twenty years it is an American icon and those three little words mean so much.

To me, just do it means stop complaining and get it over with. Stop talking about it ad nauseum and get going. Stop complaint about your current situation and change it.

That is what I am really trying to do in this first month of my extreme weight loss plan. I just need to do it. There is no sense in complaining or talking about it or whining. I just need to do it.

Writing these thoughts down helps keep things in perspective. It feels more real when I put it all out there.

Tonight we are meeting friends at the zoo lights. My kids have no idea which makes it even more fun. Hopefully I don’t need to focus on food and just enjoy the memories I am making with the kids.


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