Have you eve had something in your life that you knew you needed to do but you just kept avoiding it because it was annoying and a lot of work and you just didn’t want to do it?

This is what I am in for now.  I have this HUGE! HUGE! project I am working on and I just do not want to finish it.  But I am going to work on it this week.

So there’s that.

As far as my dieting is going, I have to say, it is HARD.  Because I am an emotional/bored/everything eater, if I have any sort of downtime in my life all I want to do it eat.  And that is a reality, my friend.  The weekend has not been great and I have only myself to blame.

So today I am going to be back on track and stay on track all week.  I am going to eat what I am supposed to eat and exercise a little bit harder than I did last week.  Hopefully this will snap me out of any funk that I am in…because come February I want to be at least eight pounds lighter.  Realistically for how big I am two pounds a week is very reasonable.

I guess you could say avoidance is something I am really great at, most often times during weight loss.  It is like I know in my brain that I just need to do it and I have all of the tools to do it, but I avoid it.  I am not sure why.  In two weeks I am meeting with a psychologist and will definitely be speaking with him/her about this issue.  I am hoping to at least open my eyes to what I can do to fix this.

me and meg

Throw back to last summer…Man I miss the slow days of summer…especially in this 19 degree weather we are having today!


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