I sent my husband up to give baths tonight. I hardly ever ask for help but I need to and this is a start. It is hilarious hearing him up there, but I am not going up.

So often I find myself doing things for other people and then feeing resentful when my help is not recognized or appreciated. It is a hard pill to swallow because it is my fault and my personality flaw…I need to either let it go or relinquish control and ask for help. Double-edged sword. 

I am tired mentally and physically but I feel pretty good today.  It is hard to spend so much time during the day thinking about food…what food I can eat what food I shouldn’t eat what food is a good choice…when is my next meal, what is in that meal…as nauseum. It’s like a full time job. And I have a full time job. And I am a full time mom. And a full time wife. Ugh. Life.


This looks like a good choice.

The thing is, I have been making good choices but I have also made poor choices. It is a mixed bag and something I struggle with every minute of every day. Super annoying if you ask me!

I am also working hard at the gym. My doctor suggested I spend less time of the treadmill at a more intense pace so I am trying to do that. I actually ran for like two minutes straight today. I hurt tonight.

Oh, and my little guy is sick…poor, pathetic baby!  



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