Back from the Dead

The stomach flu hit our house in a fierce way. 

Megan was the first to go down… 

sleeping…when not vomiting

I should backtrack.

On Tuesday we were having a great morning. Everyone was in a good mood as I  loaded them in the car. Then all hell broke loose when Ryan puked in his car seat…twice. Ugh. Horrible for everyone involved. So baby boy was sick all day but then seemed to rallyin the evening.

Aside from needing a new car seat ($$$$) life seemed okay. 

Fast forward to Thursday night around 11pm. Sweet sleeping Megan woke up vomiting. Then Shawn vomited but tried to go to work (spoiler alert: he didn’t make it). Tyler was up at 4…vomiting.  By noon 4/5 of us were down for the count.

I spent most of my day like this…

Good news, it is now Monday and everyone seems to be feeing better. I have mounds of laundry and my house is a mess but people are living and breathing.

Laundry, oh laundry. Holy laundry.

Obviously all dieting and exercise has ceased. Well, I didn’t eat for three days so there’s that.

Today starts a new day.




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