What I Ate Wednesday

I don’t think this will be a regular thing because remembering to take pictures before eating is hard work! But, here is what I ate in my prescribed diet…kind of a day in the life (of food).

Breakfast (7am):  Fried egg on whole grain bread (80 calories/slice) with thin colby jack cheese (40 calories/slice)

egg sammy…get in my belly

AM Snack (10:45am):  12ish multigrain crackers with a The Laughing Cow cheese wedge (quest fresco)

these crackers are yummy!

Lunch (12:45pm): Mixed green salad (with a couple of sunflower seeds) and a Lean Cuisine of choice (today, chicken parm)

salad or mixed veggies…depends on the day

Snack: skipped it. Sometimes I have one around 4pm, sometimes I don’t. I wasn’t hungry, so I skipped it today.

Dinner (6:30):  spaghetti and meatballs with Brussels sprouts and a sprinkle of mozzarella cheese. This is about a cup of spaghetti, a 1/2 cup sauce.


I ended the night with two small cookies. Sometimes I treat myself, sometimes I don’t.  Today I was hungry and wanted something sweet.

Total calories for the day was about 1,550. I was satisfied but not stuffed which is a lesson I am learning slowly but surely.  I also exercised so there’s that.

Overall, a good day food wise.


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