Psychologically Speaking

Today I took the day off of work for two good reasons. I needed to get blood work done and I needed to meet with a psychiatrist. 

Turns out, I am totally and completely normal…which is not a surprise 😉

I have never met with a psychiatrist before and as part of my physician assisted weight loss program I needed to meet with her. It was sort of bizzare to sit there and talk to a complete stranger…totally out of my comfort zone. And I don’t think it was like a regular meeting like it would be for someone who came off the steet. Do you know what I mean?

Anyways…the blood work went fine and the meeting went fine and then I went for a delicious lunch BY MYSELF!!!! I went to Bippibop and it was super healthy and delicious! I had a 460 calorie lunch and it was amazing. Like, seriously, I could eat there everyday.

Onward and upward…I am feeling refreshed!


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