Friday Funday!

I am going out with some of the girls from the neighborhood tonight. It has been too long and I am excited just to hang out with them and chat the night away.  We are going to The Cheesecake Factory which happens to be one of my favorite places to eat.  The fish tacos there are killer and I can’t wait to sink my teeth into them.  I am thinking I might treat myself to a dessert as well.  It has been a while since I have truly indulged in anything and my sweet tooth is calling out.  We shall see..I am leaving plenty of wiggle room in my calories today should I give in to the urge.

I made it to Cardio Core this morning and I am happy to report that for the past two weeks I have met my stretch goal of getting to the gym 5/5 days during the week.  I actually sprung out of bed this morning which was awesome.  But when I got to the gym I realized I was SUPER DUPER sore!!!!  I have really pushed myself in classes this week and on the treadmill and my body is feeling it…in a good way but also in a “I can’t even move” way.  So I muddled through the class and had to do many modifications to keep up.  But I did it.  And I didn’t use my soreness as an excuse to slack.  YAY me.

My husband and I are planning a night away next weekend with another couple.  Since we work opposite schedules we are going to try once a month to do a date night without the kids (all night). This takes a little bit of logistics, but it is worth it.  While this month we are heading out of town for a night and shipping two kids with Shawn’s sister and one with my mom, next month we will probably just stay home but still find overnight sitters for the kids.  Shawn’s parents watch Tyler and Ryan all week, so I feel insanely guilty asking them to watch them (& Megan) overnight on the weekends, but we need to do this and I know they don’t really mind, do all is a-okay.  Shawn and I have had some rough patches in our marriage (hasn’t everyone?) so I like that we are trying to focus on us once in a while.

Speaking of my husband.  One of my Lenten promises to myself was to stop being so impatient and bossy with him.  So many of our issues happen because we do work opposite shifts and our communication sucks most of the time. I start getting very resentful that most of the household responsibility falls on me and I look at him and assume that he is just lazy when it might be something else.   I am trying to change this mindset by not assuming things, asking questions, and looking at the situation before reacting (this is the hardest for me).  And you know what I noticed over the last 10 days….I am SO SO SO much happier when my home in peaceful. We have been married for 12 years and this is the first time that we are actually LISTENING and HEARING what each other is saying.

My kids have been driving me nuts this week.  I love them to death but they also suck the life out of me.  I am trying to be patient with them, but it is difficult.  They have a lot of bad habits that I am planning on breaking in the next few weeks (making messes and not cleaning them up, leaving clothes all over their room for someone else to clean up (me), not finishing their dinner but wanting a snack later…just to name a few).  It’s on, kiddos.

This is the first year in about five that I am ahead of schedule with all of my teaching lessons at work.  I am actually going to be able to do fun things with my students at the end of the year instead of rushing to get things done.  It feels amazing!!!!

I think that is enough for today.  I am hoping this is a great weekend!  I see indoor swimming in my future!!!


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