The Bug

I have caught what everyone else seems to have.

Ugh. My head. Ugh. My throat. Ugh. My ears.

I have been feeling kind of horrible for the past couple of days.  Yesterday I tried to get a sub but couldn’t find one so I ended up working and it was not a great day.

I am pretty sure it is just a winter cold so I am just trying to take it easy, drinking a lot of water, and trying to get to sleep early.  I haven’t worked out since Wednesday, but honestly, I have no energy and a really deep cough so those two things combined with all my other aliments make it hard to get motivated.

If I am feeling any better in the morning I may try to 8 am Renew You class, but I am not going to feel guilty if I don’t make it. I have been trying to be very diligent with my food consumption, but that has been a bit sub-par.

Monday is a new week, right?

In some fun news….We are heading to Lexington tomorrow for an overnight date night!!!!  Yay for sleeping in a bed someone else has to make!!!!!
I am taking Ryan to my mom’s tonight and the big kids are heading to their aunt’s house tomorrow morning…and then we are heading out.  We are also meeting another couple which makes it double-fun!!!!

Also, Tyler is registering for football tomorrow.  Holy cuteness!


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