It Continues…

Oh my goodness, the sickness continues…ear infection, strep and Influenza A; what a combo!  I am starting to feel on the mend.  In fact, I was up and ready to go to the gym this morning at 4:45 but then reality hit and I started uncontrollably coughing and sneezing and a decision was made to take another day.  Ugh…I am ready to be done with this.

Megan and Tyler also woke up sick this morning, but I am thinking they just have a common cold. They are both staying home from school today with low-grade fevers.  Thank goodness for my mother in law who is a saint and takes sick kids into her home.

I feel like my life has been in a hold position for the last week.  I am ready to get back to exercise and the gym.  I sort of crave the feeling I have when I have accomplished something before 6:30 am that some people will never accomplish in the day!  I crave the way my body feels after a good workout.  Weird.

The good thing is, my eating is definitely back on track.  I am focusing on following the prescribed diet to a “T” until my next weigh-in on March 15. I actually kind of enjoy the “Game” of staying on track in my calories.  It is like a puzzle trying to figure out what I can and cannot have to stay in my calories.  I also love the feeling of food not controlling me as it has in the past.  For a moment yesterday I didn’t feel hungry or the need to eat or the pressure to binge.  It was a glorious feeling.  A big deal for me.

What is frustrating about losing weight when you need to lose a lot of it is that you don’t always notice a real difference in how things fit or how you look for a long, long time.  In fact, I can remember the last time I was truly serious about weight loss it was 40 pounds before I could even tell a difference…then from 40-60 pounds the biggest changes occurred.  So, I am holding on to that and keeping my head up even though it is hard sometimes.  I have also had three children in between this time, so my body has definitely shifted and changed in the process.  I have to keep reminding myself of this.

I guess that’s all for today.  Hopefully I will be back tomorrow and able to talk about a workout!


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