A Mixed Meeting

I met with the surgeon yesterday who would be performing my gastric sleeve if I decide to have the surgery.

I was somewhat taken off guard when I had an impromptu weigh-in.  I was not ready for it because of two main reasons; one, I started my period on Tuesday and in the first day of my period I generally gain 10 pounds…no joke.  Since I was about 14 I have retained a tremendous amount of water during this time of the month, so much so that my rings hardly fit, my shoes are tight, pants that fit fine the day before can no longer button, and everything feels swollen. The water retention has gotten worse with each child so days 1 & 2 are normally miserable for me. Two, I ate at Red Lobster the night before which causes me to retain water as well. Not a great combo and something I would have NEVER done/scheduled if I had known there was a weigh-in involved.

Not giving excuses (but I am), but yesterday was not the day for a weigh-in.  So, the scale showed that I gained ten pounds which is totally not the case.  I am still bummed about it, but there is nothing I can do about it now.

So, back to the surgeon.  He spoke to me (at me) for about an hour about the surgery, the post-surgery recovery, how to eat, what to eat, how to follow the plan…pretty much everything that everyone else has gone over time after time. I am used to this conversation, I am happy that UC Weightloss Center takes so much time in preparing people for what is to come.  Everyone I have talked to during this journey have been great.

Until yesterday.

The thing is, I did not personally like the surgeon.  Do I think he is competent? YES. Do I think he knows that he is doing? YES. Did he know all the right things to say? OF COURSE.

But I got a sinking feeling with him that I was just a number, that he could not care less about me as a person and I was just another “case” for him to get through. I am sure most surgeons feel like this…they punch a clock, they do their jobs, they go home…but they don’t act like this in front of the patient.  They act as if they care (even if they may not), they act interested in the patient (even if they are not), they act better then he did.

So now I don’t know what I am going to do??????

If I don’t like him and I am not comfortable with him, should I ask to see someone else???

Would I be considered “that patient” if I wanted to see another doctor in the same practice?????

I guess I will sit on it for a few days.  I want to really make a good decision, one that cannot be made emotionally.



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