Shake it Up!

I have been thinking of literally and figuratively “shaking it up” in my diet and exercise plan.  February was not a great month for my weigh loss.  I go back to weigh in officially on Wednesday and I will be surprised if I have lost anything over the course of this past month. I will be happy if the ten pounds of water weight is off.

Realistically, it is all my fault.  I kind of fell off the wagon on many occasions and had a difficult time climbing back out.  With my sicknesses and the kids being sick it did not make for a great combo.  Also, when I work out with a lot of intensity I become ravenously hungry which is not good.  Since I am a food addict, it is hard to keep in control when I have a lot of exercise calories in my bank.

Sooooooooo, I am changing my game plan a little bit.  It involves drinking a lot of these…

glycerna shakes

Actually, I am trying to drink one of these for breakfast and a snack and then eat a somewhat sensible dinner. I have been doing this since last Thursday and I want to tell you that it has not been horrible.  They actually taste really good and curb my hunger in a great way.  And, mentally when I know I can only have a shake while I am at work it helps me to stay on track.

Two weeks prior to surgery the only thing I will be consuming are these shakes.  Drinking them helps to regulate your blood sugar and clean out (shrink) your liver which is a good thing.  After surgery the shakes are recommended for the first two weeks and then you move to mushy foods and then semi-solid.  I can image a lot of weight is lost within the first month or two after surgery because you are literally eating NOTHING!

The weirdest part about these shakes is when I drink them I don’t miss the food (right now).

I guess it is time to Shake it Up!!!


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