Month #3: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

I cannot believe it has been three months on my doctor prescribed weight loss plan.  This month has been the most difficult of the three, but moving into month four I feel more motivated than ever.  I have a mini-goal of by the time I go to Washington DC with my 8th grade class at the end of May I would like to be down 40 pounds.  This would mean that in the next two months I would need to lose 16 pounds.  I don’t think  8 pounds a month is totally unrealistic, but considering I only lost a pound this past month it is not going to be easy unless I really buckle down and do it.

I was reading OPRAH magazine this morning (the newest issue came in the mail yesterday) and it just happens to be focusing on weight loss.  On page 95 she starts the article by stating, “You can choose. Even if you are carrying the weight of an entire extra person, you can choose. And your heart will thank you. Your knees will thank you. Your tired back and aching feet will be so glad.”  Man, that resonates with me.  I do have to (and can!) choose to be on this journey or not.  Every morning when I wake up at 4:40 to head to the gym I am choosing my health and my personal happiness over everything else.  My health and happiness will have positive affects on other people in my life, but I am doing this for ME!!!!

So, let’s get on with it…


  • Making it through month #3 without quitting.  My normal pattern with weight loss is that I lose about 20 pounds, it gets hard, and I stop.  Even though I did not lose a ton of weight this month I didn’t gain either so I am happy about it.
  • Finally, after three months I can see a change in the way my clothes fit.  I have decided from now on to take my monthly picture in the same shirt so I can see progress.  When I put the shirt on this morning it felt much looser.
  • I started drinking Glycerna Shakes for some meals and I actually like how they taste and they do keep my satisfied for a long time.  That is a total win!
  • Spring has sprung so it has been nice to get out on walks with my little family and play basketball for hours.  I am looking forward to moving more in the coming months!


  • This has definitely been the hardest month to date. I know it will get harder and harder as the months go on but man this was difficult!
  • Sickness rocked my entire family for much of the month and it definitely affected my eating in a not great way.  I know I did not have a big loss because I personally did not eat like I should have.  It stinks, but it is reality.


  • Lots of bouts with anxiety and depression this month.  I spoke to the doctor about it yesterday and have come up with a plan to deal with it.  Because food was always my vice when things got rocky, it is hard to come up with an outlet for it.
  • Very little weight loss.  I know I just said I was happy I didn’t gain, but I am also in the same breath unhappy that I didn’t have a significant loss. 

    Ignore the gross school bathroom mirror


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