Why I Overeat


I have no idea why anyone in my house could have a weight problem.

 It has been sort of a crazy couple of weeks over here. Between going to camp for three days with my students and Easter weekend, it feels like forever since I have checked in. 

Camp was awesome. We had beautiful weather and my kiddos were so well-behaved which made it a wonderful trip. I hiked about 6 miles each day and, man, my calves felt it! It took me two days to recover!!! But I was back to my early morning routine yesterday and feeling good.

I take Easter pretty seriously, the triduum starts on Thursday at sun-down and goes trough Easter Sunday. I made it to church several times in the three days and even took an afternoon to pray the steps at Holy Cross Immaculata Church which is an extremely moving experience. Living in Cincinnati for 11+ years, this was my first time and I believe I am going to make it a family tradition.

Easter was food fest.  I tried to makes the best choices I could, but was mostly not successful. Food addiction will do that too you. Also, all the candy!

My kids baskets were filed with a very modest bounty of clothes and one toy. However, baskets from extended family ended up being filled with tons and tons and tons of candy. Not good for those of us on a doctor prescribed diet (or anyone really).

We also made it to a pretty fun Easter Egg Hunt. I was in charge of Ryan so I only have pictures of him (I know, I know, I am such a great mom). But I did steal a cute one of Meg and Ty with he man himself!

So I am back in full force with sort of a normal eating shedule this week. I met friends for lunch yesterday and made a great choice at Pappadeaux. I had the spring rolls and they were so delicious and had very few (140 per roll) and a couple of fried shrimp (100 each). So I need the day under my calorie goal and still satisfied. I am having lunch with one of my BFF’s today and we are going to walk first so I am thinking about making today a little higher calories day since I also did Boot Camp this morning. We shall see.

I hope everyone out there has a great day! It is going to be in the 70’s here!!!


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