Zoodles…it’s what’s for dinner

Has anyone tried zoodles (zucchini noodles)???? I have been working on incorporating more veggies in my diet and less carbs, and zoodles seem to be the answer. Honestly, I always think when I read about people exchanging veggies for something delicious (re:pasta) they must be insane…but these are actually SUPER GOOD! I am actually very satisfied with the taste, texture, and, of course, the caloric bang for your buck.

After I made them in my super-cheap (I think I paid 5 bucks for it) device, I put them in a pan with a very small amount of olive oil.  

Then I cut up a million other vegetables…okay, maybe six.

 Put those babies in another pan with EVOO.


409 calories of deliciousness

 And I placed everything in a pretty bowl and topped it with sauce and two meatballs.

That’s what I call dinner.

A very healthy dinner. 


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