A Day in the Life

I always love reading “Day in the Life” blog posts, so I thought I would try my hand at it today. 

To preface, I am a full time working mom of three kids (ages 6, 5, and almost 2) and a puppy (2 months old). My days usually start the same way but differ depending on the day because of activities as well as my husband’s work schedule (too crazy to even write about). Here we go…
 4:35: My alarm goes off and I lay in bed for about 5 minutes before getting up very quietly, brushing my teeth, and getting dressed in my workout gear.

4:45: Head downstairs to let Biscuit out. I was pleasantly surprised that he has not peed in his bed (we are in the midst of training) and he went out, did his business, and we came right back in.


sleeping or crazy…we ❤️ extremes

5:05: Arrive at the gym…plug in my headphones, turn on Netflix (currently binge-watching “House of Cards”) and jump on the treadmill. Today I am doing a treadmill circuit that I found reading Laurel’s blog. It is intense, but keeps me on my toes and the hour flies by. Every other day I take a “Bootcamp” style class, but Tuesday and Thursday I am on my own.
6:10: My workout is finished and I am heading home. I contemplated getting a coffee at the café, but then decided against it (we are budgeting down to the cent right now and I didn’t feel like the purchase was justified).

looking sweaty and tired

6:20: Back at home, showering and getting ready for the day. I have really sacrificed doing my hair for a morning workout, so I wear a variation of a bun almost every day.


this shirt is big maybe?

6:40 Megan is up, the puppy is barking and chaos ensues for the next 30 minutes as I get everyone dressed, fed, brushed (hair and teeth), finish last minute homework, etc, etc


that uniform


always into something…always


7:15 Out the door and headed to Mamaw’s (my mother in law) to drop Ryan off. Tyler was too tired to get out of bed so he is staying home with daddy…they will do a bit of homeschool preschool (this is a long story for another day, another time…we are not homeschool people, we sort of fell into it) and get a haircut before he drops Tyler off before work.
7:45 Arrive at work, drop Meg off at Kindergarten and start preparing for the day. I have the “Breakfast of Champions” (Glucerna Shake) prior to my student’s arriving.

8:05 My students arrive and it is a crazy busy day. I teach 7th and 8th grade Religion and this time of year there is just so much going on. My 8th graders will be confirmed next week and we are planning a prayer service for the school so it is all sorts of organized but hectic times. 


they sing like angels

12:45 Lunch is…you guessed it, a Glucerna Shake and an apple for snack around 10:45. I am really trying to replace two meals a day with shakes this week because I need to get back on track food-wise and shakes are the easiest, most effective way for me to stay on track during the day (andplusalso, I am super busy and can’t stop for anything!!!)

3:00 School is out for the day, Megan comes to my room so I can get some things done and wrap-up for the day. I should note that I LOVE LOVE LOVE having Megan at my school all day. Even though I don’t see her often it is such awesome to have her near me during the day.

3:45 Pick up the boys and talk to MIL for a few minutes

4:00 Back to the gym!!! I am really trying to step up my game this week (remember I have a goal of losing 40 pounds (I am about 12 pounds away right now) before May 20) so I am trying to get in a second workout as many days as I can. This time is the Elliptical Trainer for 45 minutes and I am a sweaty mess when it is over. By the way, the kids hang in the gym daycare…sometimes I feel very guilty about this since they have been away from me all day…but most of the time I have to think I am giving them a gift of healthy habits and a mom who is dedicated to keeping fit and active.


notice the sleeping child in the back seat

5:00 Home, let Biscuit out, play, dinner, play at the park, homework, Biscuit, baths, stories, TV, play, pack clothes for Mamaws, play, snacks, rinse, repeat.


walking the neighborhood…it’s what we do

7:15 Put Ryan to bed while the other two play quietly or watch a show downstairs. Not to brag, because M & T were not very good sleepers at all, but Ryan is like the perfect baby to put to sleep; put a night-night diaper on, clean jammies, lay him in bed with about three drops of milk and he is gone for the night.

7:30 Let Biscuit out one more time for the night and drag M & T up to bed. Brush teeth and read one more book to them (Biscuit books, of course). They settle in at about 8:00.

8:00 Clean up the house like a mad-woman, pack lunches for the next day, do a load of laundry, watch TV, read blogs, get my stuff ready for the morning and pack my gym bag for the next day (I don’t always go in the afternoon, but I always have a bag packed just in case I want to).

9:30 Fall into bed. I am done.


3 thoughts on “A Day in the Life

  1. Oh my gosh. This makes me tired. I didn’t know Tyler stopped pre-school…. I never went to pre school. I probably would’ve hated it because I was so shy and wanted to be with my mom. Kindergarten was rough for me.


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