Step Aerobics Ain’t No Joke

Today was a Bootcamp morning.

I was running extremely late (waking up at 4:50…GASP!) and I barely had time to get myself together (brushing teeth be damned!).

I let the dog out and made it out the door by 5:05.

I know what you are thinking, “girl, take a chill pill, your class doesn’t start until 5:30 and you are only 5 minutes away.”

Here’s the thing…my “former self” would have used getting up 10 minutes later than normal as an excuse to scrap the whole day, go back to bed, get up later, and grab a McDonald’s Value Meal before heading to work.

That’s what I did.


This is where anxiety plays tricks with my mind…it sneaks in and takes control of my thoughts and makes me feel like because I made a mistake my whole day is ruined (at 4:50 am). Waking up 10 minutes late throws my entire schedule off and makes me feel like I am a worthless, overweight, ugly, fat, lonely, disgusting soul.   And one day turns into one week and one month and then six moths go by and I am heavier both physically and spiritually.

But not today.

Today I was kind to myself.  I got up, got dressed, I did brush my teeth, headed downstairs and got it together to get where I needed to be.

This is MAJOR progress.

And I am super proud of myself.  Because as much as my mind likes to trick me into thinking it..

I am NOT worthless.

I am NOT a disgusting soul.

and that feels really good to say out loud.


Bootcamp was old-fashioned Step Aerobics…


Step Aerobics is TOUGH!


Mixed in with a lot of this…

step aerobics

With a lot of burpees and stuff like this

And then an outdoor segment that involved sprints and lunges and more sprints and more sprints and more sprints.

It was VERY VERY VERY VERY challenging but I loved it.

And I felt great afterwards.

What challenges are you facing during your journey to a healthy lifestyle?


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