On the Verge

In outward appearances I look as though my life is completely put together.

I felt good here.

In reality I am on the verge of a breakdown.

My anxiety has hit an all-time high this month and it is really affected everything I am  trying to accomplish. 

At this point I am sort of at a loss as to where to go with this. I have been loosely tracking the triggers and it comes down to so many things that I can’t pinpoint just one.

One thing never changes, my kids are adorable!

I would say the biggest issue is my husband’s schedule change has cause me to be unable to make my morning exercise classes. 

And it sucks.

I can’t seem to get to the gym consistently in the afternoons.  Something always comes up and makes it next to impossible to get there. And I am not disciplined enough to do an at-home workout in the morning. I wish I was, but I am not.

This guy…melts my heart.

I must go back to taking things day by day, minute by minute to get myself back on track. 

With surgery pending, now, more than ever, I have to stick to sticking to it.

…and maybe I need to start drinking heavily 😳


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