Making Progress

It has been a better week.

Not to say that it has been the best week of my journey, but it was better than last week and I will take it.

Anyone who has delt with obesity or binge eating disorder knows that it is a minute by minute out by hour day by day struggle.

Any little thing can trigger a breakdown in the plans that have been set and can cause weeks of trying to get back on track. Do you know what I mean?

It’s weird, but it’s reality.

I figured out a way to get up and get out and exercise in the morning. So far it is working for me and I am enjoying the 45 minutes to an hour of peace before the day begins.

School is over in 2.5 weeks and I am ready for the summer to begin. I am tentatively making plans. With a surgery date pending, I sort of play a waiting game until I have the date set.

We are going on vacation with great friends in July. I am stocked to get away for a week at the beach! It is going to be amazing.

And, of course, I am just counting the days to spend time with my favorites!


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