Camp Richardson

Not only have I been recovering from my surgery this week, but I have also been watching two sweet children. When I was sitting in the hospital bed last Friday (feeling like death) I never imagined that a few short days later I would feel good enough to entertain these kiddos like a normal human being…but I do.

I actually feel like a totally new person. Not only do I feel like my recovery has been a breeze, but I am suprised at how much energy I have with eating so little food (actually no food, still on protein shakes)I can only attribute this fact to two things…I am a quick healer (thank God) and my body does 100 times better with very little sugar in my life.

Yesterday we headed out to Kings Island for some fun and it was awesome!

Of couse Megan danced with the Peanuts!

They loved it!

Camp Richardson

Today I am hanging out with my Ryan who has been with my mom all week. Man did I miss this big bundle of joy! 

A bottle, his Woody, and his Mommy…What could be better?!

I got a call from the surgeons office this afternoon and was singing the praises of how great I feel. The nurse was excited for me. 

Tomorrow I am planning on giving a full recap of my weight loss journey since starting the two week pre-op liquid diet so stay tooned!

Checking in from the Couch

Well, I made it!

The surgery is over and I am on to recovery and living the rest of my life.

I woke up from surgery with very little pain but a lot of nausea. I have to believe that was mostly from the anesthetic and not from the surgery. I was still feeling a bit sick to my stomach on Saturday morning, but I did two (yes, 2!!!!) barium checks like a champ.

I was released from the hospital around 5:30 on Saturday but only because radiology was backed up and didn’t read my tests for a long time. Believe me, I was ready to leave around 10 am. It was nice to sleep at home in my own bed.

Sunday was better and today is the best I have felt so I have to believe each day will bring improvement. I can only describe how I feel as weird. I can’t really explain it. Everything in my body just feels a bit slower. I have not been hungry at all, but this afternoon I did start craving some food. Per my surgeon, I can have protein shakes, sugar free jello/pudding, Greek yogurt, creamy soups, and lots and lots of water. I did have a protein shake this morning and it went down pretty good. I am thinking about having some tomato soup or yogurt in a bit; both sound good to me right now.

I guess that’s all for now. What a strange ride this has been. I almost can’t believe it is over! (Or just beginning…however I want to look at it!)

This is my husband…was he the patient????

Today is the Day

Today is the day my life will be forever changed. I am a while mix of emotions right now but most of al excited at all the possibilities I have before me.

Many people have said this s like a re-birth and a new birthday for me. I keep focusing on the future while taking one step at a time.

If you have a moment, say a little prayer for me this morning.

I’ll see you on the back end

A Great Day

I had a great day yesterday. In my quest to keep busy to keep my mind off of food I did an amazing job. 

The day stared with a great workout with my crew at 5:30. Man it was hard and I was sweating buckets when I left. When I got home I showered and relaxed for a few minutes and then got this guy up for his 2 year check-up.

Stealing hearts since 2014

We left the pediatrician and headed straight to Grammy’s house in Columbus.  I visited for a bit with my mom and then left Ryan in her capable hands (he will be there until next Wednesday).

Then I went to my friend Joanne for a much needed hair cut. It took her almost an hour to comb out my hair but she did it and my cut Feels fabulous and oh so light!


After that I did a little shopping, stopped at Panera for a grossly overpriced bowl of broth and then it was go time…

My friend Beth has been struggling with health issues over the course of the last few months and had a procedure done in the morning. I wanted to stop by an see her unannounced because that is the best. So I drove to her house and surprised her. I almost thought she would not answer but she did!

It was wonderful spending the afternoon with her. She is my soul and I feel so much happier after I talk with her. Our lives are so busy it seems like we haven’t seen each other in ages, but we pick up right where we left off.

Now I am just trying to get through today. T-minus less than 24 hours until surgery. I can’t believe it’s here. I weighed myself this morning and am 18 pounds down these past two weeks. I guess not eating does help you lose weight!

I will try to check in tomorrow after surgery. Say a prayer for me and my surgeons!

It’s Tuesday.

Sunday we had a two-fold celebration. Of course, it was Father’s Day so we celebrated the men in our lives. But we also celebrate this BIG GUY:

You can stop growing up now.

We had a pretty low key day with family. I made a ton of food and everyone seems to enjoy it (except me). People played corn hole, hung out, we are cake and opened presents.

It was truly a perfect day.

They look exactly alike…right down to the smirk.

My husband loves his kids more than life itself. He’s not much of a “baby guy” but once they can somewhat function and interact he is all about it. I love watching him play with the kids and throw balls with them. He is a great daddy and I am happy my kids have him.

Yesterday started out with an intense Muscle Max class. Isn’t it weird that when a different instructor teaches the same class it always seems more difficult? My regular instructor, Anna, ran a 100k on Saturday (no big deal, right???) so a different person led us through The most difficult workout I have had in a long time. 

Birthday Boy is a fish

We also spent some time at the water park yesterday. My kids LOVE LOVE LOVE the water…especially the little guy. I love that when we play in the water in the late afternoon I am sure to have three sleepy kids on the way home. Win, win.

I am dropping Meg and Ty with their aunt for a sleep over tonight and then taking Ryan to my mom’s tomorrow for a visit. He will be with her for a week so that I will have some time to recover from surgery. M & T will go to their Mamaws house on Thursday night prior to surgery.

I can’t believe I am three days out from my new life! It seems like forever ago that I started this journey. December 8 was the day I started the process. I am so ready to enter the next phase.

Hitting the Wall

I knew it would happen at some point.

I knew I couldn’t keep up with his pace forever.

Today was the day.

I went to my regular 5:30 class and could barely make it through. It was so tough. I stuck with it for thirty minutes and then hit the treadmill for another fifteen.

When I got home I fixed breakfast for everyone and had my protein coffee and then gathered the kids in the car to run to Menards to pick up ten more bags of mulch. 

I laid the mulch (I did 15 bags yesterday afternoon and removed two large shrubs from the front yard). And then I almost died. I was sweating and dizzy and felt like complete shit. I took a shower and then proceeded to nap for 2.5 hours.

This protein diet is crazy. I have so much energy it is unreal…but I knew at some point I would be so super tired that I would drop.

It was a very lazy day here. I did gather the kids up and we went to the pool this evening for a few hours.

Now I am ready for bed. At 8:30 on a Friday night.


Goodbye ugly dead bush. I will not miss you.

5 Things Thursday

Here are five random things that I took pictures of this week on my iPhone:

1. I made this Rice Krispies Treat/ marshmallow cheesecake for the hubs. He has been working a ton this week and sometimes he picks out a treat he would like me to make and posts it on Facebook for all to see. Then I feel obligated to make it.

It was easy to make and looks delicious

2. I found a new bulletin board to do in my classroom this fall. I always joke that I became a teacher because I love creating bulletin boards…maybe there is a bit of truth to my jest. I spend a lot of time trying to find new and fun ones for my classroom.

Sorry, I lost the link to this one

3. Megan broke out in hives and I took pictures to show the doctor in case the flare went away before our appointment. Turns out she has undisclosed allergies to something. We are starting with Zertec and hoping for the best.

Poor baby was suffering

4. We went swimming/hiked in the river yesterday and I left my phone in the car because I didn’t really have anywhere to put it. When we left we went to the little Hawaiian Ice shack in town. Hip hip hooray they had sugar free syrups and I “indulged” in a Tiger’s Blood. Yummy!

I shared with Ryan, of course

5. I took “before” measurements and an official pre-surgery picture at the gym. I really can’t wait to be an “after.”

ugh…i hate this picture

Keeping Busy

Full disclosure…this two week pre-surgery diet is testing me.

Big time.

I am always good in the morning. I feel hopeful and not super hungry. I head to the gym at 5:15, get home around 7. I noticed this morning while I was stretching that I am over-all less bloated everywhere. I can definitely see some positive changes happening since starting this cleanse. 

Hello, ankles with zero bloat!

When I get home, I proceed to make myself a very delicious “Iced Vanilla Latte” which consists of a vanilla protein shake, coffee, and ice. It is pretty tasty and very sweet which I like.

Close your eyes and pretend this is Starbucks

Since I am off for the summer I spend a good part of the morning with the kids and hubby in “lazy morning mode.” Meaning, we lounge around, I make breakfast (generally scrambled eggs, fruit, and toast or pancakes or waffles), clean up a bit and talk about our day. I also have a mandatory 20 minutes of reading which I think I enjoy more than anyone else.

Ryan loves to clean and I love him for it!

I am fine during all of this. Food does not tempt me, I even prepare everything and am not tempted to eat anything.

But when two o’clock comes, I make a turn and am in a complete funk for the rest of the day. I am irritable, hungry, angry, and I feel like I could kill someone.

A frozen protein shake tastes nothing like ice cream…FYI

I keep reminding myself that this is temporary; that the work I put in prior to surgery will only benefit me in the end. But in the moment I can’t think straight and am a complete madwoman.

My only solution is to keep extra busy with the kids in the afternoon.  We have done a bit of everything and it definitely does help my mood. At this point I will do anything to push through. I want this and I want it bad.

Anyone else out there going through the same thing with dieting?

Active Summer

Pure beauty

I am determined to make this summer an active one for the family. It is somewhat difficult with a two year old who loves to test the limits and a five and six year old who have zero patience for said two year old.

But I like to get out and do things with my kids. Sitting at home watching tv is not really an option for us for two main reasons:

1. They get bored in 2.5 seconds

2. When they are bored they act like to spawn of Satan.

So there’s that.

After church on Sunday we picked Megan up from a sleepover and headed to an awesome park that sits right above the Little Miami River. It was a beautiful morning weather wise and the kids were in great moods so it was a total win win.

We played then hiked a bit then threw about a million rocks into the river.


Best Friends (hopefully forever)

Almost all three looking at the camera

chasing birds is aparently a blast

Simulating American Ninja Warrior


I am pretty sure she is throwing up a gang sign

“Mom, look at our castle in the river!”

Ryan getting wet after I said not to

The kids were soaked and tired by the time Shawn picked us up (he was cleaning cars…not so fun). 

I loved it, they loved it. And the best part is we can now check off “explore a new trail” from the summer bucket list.

Over the Hump

I had a great workout this morning. I haven’t talked much about my am workouts lately, but, believe me, they are happening. 

This morning I walked 4 miles on the treadmill in a little over and hour. I would like to be able to run a 5k with my girlfriends in September so I really need to start getting a bit more aggressive with my training. I am also continuing with group fitness classes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings. I love love love these classes. I wish they offered something at my gym location the other two days during the week. I stepped out of my comfort zone and took a class last Saturday as well. 

Exercise really does play a major role in my psychological/mental health. I know post surgery I will need to up my game in order to make positive changes in my overall health.

Yesterday was a lazy day at the Richardson home. My kids have had a fabulous summer thus far and I think all the fun caught up with them. I walked into my bedroom to fold some laundry and found this precious sight yesterday.

Sleeping Beauties

Megan slept for a whopping 5 hours!!!! Tyler slept for three. They both were ready for bed at 9 pm. Ryan also had a good rest yesterday as he never made it out of his pj’s. I think we all need a day like that sometimes.

This guy will be two in a few days!

I have also been cleaning our home like a mad woman. Physical cleaning helps my anxiety stay at bay and also makes the house look amazing! I have sold $150 in toys and $60 in clothes over the last two weeks! I have also given away more than that! Shawn has also done some selling/giving as well so our downstairs has never looked better. Yay for us.

The liquid diet is going well. The first three days sucked, I am not going to lie. But I feel like I am over the hump now and it almost seems normal (in a very strange way). I am keeping up on vitamins (multi, B12, C, and Calcium/D). I have never been a “vitamin person” before but the more I read the more I realize how important they are for your overall health and wellness (especially after surgery).  I also discovered if you mix coffee and vanilla bean protein shake it almost tastes like a vanilla latte. Almost.

I think that is all for now.

Anyone else have a slow Monday?