It’s Been a While

I just realized it has been a while since I have written. The end of the school year always kicks my booty, but with Megan also finishing up her first year I feel like it has been insane.

Kindergarten ✅

So many parties…so little time! Ha!

As I said in one of my last posts, surgery has been set for June 24. I start my two week “Liver Shrinking” diet tomorrow. I am looking forward to moving into this next phase. While there has been a lot of emotion leading up to this, I finally feel at peace with the decision.

Yes, it is going to be difficult.

Yes, at times it is going to suck big time.

Yes, surgery is not a walk in the park.

Overall, though, I know in my heart of hearts I am making the best decision for ME. I have done so much researching and so much prepping. I am confident in my choice. A year from now I am going to look back on all of this struggle and smile…knowing I did it and I made a decision for me that positively affected everything else in my life.

I am still holding steady at -25 pounds. I am hoping the liquid diet will drop my down about ten more before surgery begins. As I have been researching the sleeve it seems that I should be able to drop quite a bit of weight from Stages 1-4 which begins right after the surgery. I will pretty much not be able to eat solid foods for the rest of the summer. I am totally and completely mentally prepared for this. 

Hopefully, I will be back writing more regularly. We shall see.


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