Active Summer

Pure beauty

I am determined to make this summer an active one for the family. It is somewhat difficult with a two year old who loves to test the limits and a five and six year old who have zero patience for said two year old.

But I like to get out and do things with my kids. Sitting at home watching tv is not really an option for us for two main reasons:

1. They get bored in 2.5 seconds

2. When they are bored they act like to spawn of Satan.

So there’s that.

After church on Sunday we picked Megan up from a sleepover and headed to an awesome park that sits right above the Little Miami River. It was a beautiful morning weather wise and the kids were in great moods so it was a total win win.

We played then hiked a bit then threw about a million rocks into the river.


Best Friends (hopefully forever)

Almost all three looking at the camera

chasing birds is aparently a blast

Simulating American Ninja Warrior


I am pretty sure she is throwing up a gang sign

“Mom, look at our castle in the river!”

Ryan getting wet after I said not to

The kids were soaked and tired by the time Shawn picked us up (he was cleaning cars…not so fun). 

I loved it, they loved it. And the best part is we can now check off “explore a new trail” from the summer bucket list.


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