Keeping Busy

Full disclosure…this two week pre-surgery diet is testing me.

Big time.

I am always good in the morning. I feel hopeful and not super hungry. I head to the gym at 5:15, get home around 7. I noticed this morning while I was stretching that I am over-all less bloated everywhere. I can definitely see some positive changes happening since starting this cleanse. 

Hello, ankles with zero bloat!

When I get home, I proceed to make myself a very delicious “Iced Vanilla Latte” which consists of a vanilla protein shake, coffee, and ice. It is pretty tasty and very sweet which I like.

Close your eyes and pretend this is Starbucks

Since I am off for the summer I spend a good part of the morning with the kids and hubby in “lazy morning mode.” Meaning, we lounge around, I make breakfast (generally scrambled eggs, fruit, and toast or pancakes or waffles), clean up a bit and talk about our day. I also have a mandatory 20 minutes of reading which I think I enjoy more than anyone else.

Ryan loves to clean and I love him for it!

I am fine during all of this. Food does not tempt me, I even prepare everything and am not tempted to eat anything.

But when two o’clock comes, I make a turn and am in a complete funk for the rest of the day. I am irritable, hungry, angry, and I feel like I could kill someone.

A frozen protein shake tastes nothing like ice cream…FYI

I keep reminding myself that this is temporary; that the work I put in prior to surgery will only benefit me in the end. But in the moment I can’t think straight and am a complete madwoman.

My only solution is to keep extra busy with the kids in the afternoon.  We have done a bit of everything and it definitely does help my mood. At this point I will do anything to push through. I want this and I want it bad.

Anyone else out there going through the same thing with dieting?


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