5 Things Thursday

Here are five random things that I took pictures of this week on my iPhone:

1. I made this Rice Krispies Treat/ marshmallow cheesecake for the hubs. He has been working a ton this week and sometimes he picks out a treat he would like me to make and posts it on Facebook for all to see. Then I feel obligated to make it.

It was easy to make and looks delicious

2. I found a new bulletin board to do in my classroom this fall. I always joke that I became a teacher because I love creating bulletin boards…maybe there is a bit of truth to my jest. I spend a lot of time trying to find new and fun ones for my classroom.

Sorry, I lost the link to this one

3. Megan broke out in hives and I took pictures to show the doctor in case the flare went away before our appointment. Turns out she has undisclosed allergies to something. We are starting with Zertec and hoping for the best.

Poor baby was suffering

4. We went swimming/hiked in the river yesterday and I left my phone in the car because I didn’t really have anywhere to put it. When we left we went to the little Hawaiian Ice shack in town. Hip hip hooray they had sugar free syrups and I “indulged” in a Tiger’s Blood. Yummy!

I shared with Ryan, of course

5. I took “before” measurements and an official pre-surgery picture at the gym. I really can’t wait to be an “after.”

ugh…i hate this picture


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