It’s Tuesday.

Sunday we had a two-fold celebration. Of course, it was Father’s Day so we celebrated the men in our lives. But we also celebrate this BIG GUY:

You can stop growing up now.

We had a pretty low key day with family. I made a ton of food and everyone seems to enjoy it (except me). People played corn hole, hung out, we are cake and opened presents.

It was truly a perfect day.

They look exactly alike…right down to the smirk.

My husband loves his kids more than life itself. He’s not much of a “baby guy” but once they can somewhat function and interact he is all about it. I love watching him play with the kids and throw balls with them. He is a great daddy and I am happy my kids have him.

Yesterday started out with an intense Muscle Max class. Isn’t it weird that when a different instructor teaches the same class it always seems more difficult? My regular instructor, Anna, ran a 100k on Saturday (no big deal, right???) so a different person led us through The most difficult workout I have had in a long time. 

Birthday Boy is a fish

We also spent some time at the water park yesterday. My kids LOVE LOVE LOVE the water…especially the little guy. I love that when we play in the water in the late afternoon I am sure to have three sleepy kids on the way home. Win, win.

I am dropping Meg and Ty with their aunt for a sleep over tonight and then taking Ryan to my mom’s tomorrow for a visit. He will be with her for a week so that I will have some time to recover from surgery. M & T will go to their Mamaws house on Thursday night prior to surgery.

I can’t believe I am three days out from my new life! It seems like forever ago that I started this journey. December 8 was the day I started the process. I am so ready to enter the next phase.


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