Checking in from the Couch

Well, I made it!

The surgery is over and I am on to recovery and living the rest of my life.

I woke up from surgery with very little pain but a lot of nausea. I have to believe that was mostly from the anesthetic and not from the surgery. I was still feeling a bit sick to my stomach on Saturday morning, but I did two (yes, 2!!!!) barium checks like a champ.

I was released from the hospital around 5:30 on Saturday but only because radiology was backed up and didn’t read my tests for a long time. Believe me, I was ready to leave around 10 am. It was nice to sleep at home in my own bed.

Sunday was better and today is the best I have felt so I have to believe each day will bring improvement. I can only describe how I feel as weird. I can’t really explain it. Everything in my body just feels a bit slower. I have not been hungry at all, but this afternoon I did start craving some food. Per my surgeon, I can have protein shakes, sugar free jello/pudding, Greek yogurt, creamy soups, and lots and lots of water. I did have a protein shake this morning and it went down pretty good. I am thinking about having some tomato soup or yogurt in a bit; both sound good to me right now.

I guess that’s all for now. What a strange ride this has been. I almost can’t believe it is over! (Or just beginning…however I want to look at it!)

This is my husband…was he the patient????


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