Camp Richardson

Not only have I been recovering from my surgery this week, but I have also been watching two sweet children. When I was sitting in the hospital bed last Friday (feeling like death) I never imagined that a few short days later I would feel good enough to entertain these kiddos like a normal human being…but I do.

I actually feel like a totally new person. Not only do I feel like my recovery has been a breeze, but I am suprised at how much energy I have with eating so little food (actually no food, still on protein shakes)I can only attribute this fact to two things…I am a quick healer (thank God) and my body does 100 times better with very little sugar in my life.

Yesterday we headed out to Kings Island for some fun and it was awesome!

Of couse Megan danced with the Peanuts!

They loved it!

Camp Richardson

Today I am hanging out with my Ryan who has been with my mom all week. Man did I miss this big bundle of joy! 

A bottle, his Woody, and his Mommy…What could be better?!

I got a call from the surgeons office this afternoon and was singing the praises of how great I feel. The nurse was excited for me. 

Tomorrow I am planning on giving a full recap of my weight loss journey since starting the two week pre-op liquid diet so stay tooned!


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