Putting it In

I had my post-op appointment with my surgeon yesterday. He was extremely happy with my progress and I was released from his care back to Ivann (the PA) for further treatment. I will be seeing him every six weeks for the next year.

Dr. Thompson spent a lot of time with me yesterday and that felt really good. We talked about the next phase in my weight loss. I need to start for using on two main goals:

  1. Water and food intake: it is important for me to get around 800 calories a day and at least 60 ounces of water. I know 800 calories sounds really small but I have a very small stomach now that can only handle about 4 ounces of food at a time. My food needs tone packed with protein. Protein first, always. And I need to be eating every three hours.
  2. Exercise: its time to get back to the gym (I did it this morning!). Exercise is super important when trying to meet my goals. I should be doing something 7days a week with a concentration of 5 days of scheduled exercise and 2 days of just moving (walking/hiking with the kids, playing soccer in the yard, etc.) I am so thankful because when I went to the gym this morning that have added a Thursday am class (I have been “suggesting” this for months) so starting in August I will have class 4 days a week and treadmill once a week. Yay.

With these two goals in my back pocket my concentration for the next six weeks is to become VERY regimented in my exercising and eating. I want to lose a good amount of weight in the next six weeks and I have a number in mind that I would like to be at by the time school starts.

I fee really good about where I am and where I am going. For the first time in a long time I feel very happy with where my life is headed.

Feeing more “normal” sized !

What goals do you have in the next six weeks?


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