Slow Weekend

After VBS ended on Friday afternoon, we shipped these two sweet things off to Grammy’s house for a few days…

Look alive people, look alive

They love hanging out with Grammy and Grammy loves spoiling them so it works.

With M & T taken care of and Shawn working Friday and Saturday I got to spend quality time with the family favorite…

He played with this basket for a good hour

I think I am obsessed with Ryan. Serious. I might need an intervention. He is the sweetest, cutest, most adorable baby and I love spending time with just him. Poor Ryan is basically dragged wherever the big kids need to go and I have very little uninterrupted time with him. So, it was an absolute joy spending time with him alone. #thirdchildproblem

We spent a good amount of time just hanging out at home. He loves playing with his toys and cuddling and just having the house to himself. We also went to Kings Island which is a real treat because he never gets to spend quality time in kiddy land.

Sunday we did church (total fail) and then grocery shopping and a bit of cooking before heading to Mamaws and Papaws house for dinner. I made two new recipes one for mini veggie egg muffin cups and one for cauliflower mash. They are bothe good, but not worth sharing the recipes…unless someone really wants them.

I started back to my regular exercise class this morning. It was a good one! Pee-Wee football starts tonight so I have basically sold my soul to football paractices for the rest of the summer and fall. So there’s that.

What does your week look like?


3 thoughts on “Slow Weekend

  1. I’m curious how your husband has been with your surgery. I assume supportive, but what happens when you sit down to dinner and eat 200 calories or so and he has his plate full. Does it make him uncomfortable eating in front of you, does he eat more away from you know, not hiding but not in front of you? When I diet my husband actually gains weight cause he wants his heavy meals like he likes and ends up eating what I make and then “runs to Home Depot” with a quick stop through a drive through. Very damaging for him. I actually just hit my goal several months ago and he is higher than he has ever been. I feed him good meals, but not the McDonald’s or Wendy’s hamburger or sonic cheeseburgers that he loves or the chips and salsa that he can eat for days. Just wondering how it works in other families


    • Thanks for the comment, Kristi.
      I must say it has been a struggle for both of us on this journey. While my husband has been as supportive as he can be with any change I find it difficult to navigate. At this point he is not dieting or changing his habits at all which is hard for me to deal with. But, I have to remember this is my journey and he has to make his own decisions. I pray that some day he will also be on board with his health but I cannot force him to do that as he cannot force me to do anything.
      Congratulations on your weight loss!


  2. Thanks for the answer. I totally agree, we can only change ourselves, and that is hard enough. I ended up losing 156 pounds so, it is very doable- just work on it one decision at a time. I feel good knowing that my children and husband are getting good, nutritious meals every day from me. Whatever they do outside of that, is their decision. I’m very type A, and it’s hard not to be in control, but in the end, it must be their decision to eat well.


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