This journey since surgery has left me very confused. I think I should bullet point it…

  1. I have lost a good amount of weight, but all of my current wardrobe still fits me. This leads me to believe that 1) I was wearing my clothes way too tight before and 2) things may be fitting how they should all along.
  2. I assumed the weight would be falling off of me at this point. I mean, I am eating <800 calories a day…but it is slow at times and that is confusing/frustrating.
  3. Along with eating very little, my energy level is sky high. I would have thought I would be tired all the time.
  4. I am still in the liquid stage of the diet which means my options are super low…protein shakes literally make me gag. So what am I suppose to sustain myself on? For serious.
  5. My journey has been a confusing set of emotions every day of my life. I hope it gets better. My psyche can’t take it.

Have a good weekend! I will be back on Monday with a Month #1 recap.

Action shot from the bigs!


2 thoughts on “Confusing

  1. Here’s my two cents. Your body acclimates to whatever you do. So even if you eat rediciously low amount of food, your body will react, will lose a lot for the first week or two and then levels off. It should be steady, but no where near what you “think” you should lose by eating so little. My son lost 23 lbs at a camp the first week by cut calories and working out. The second week of eating the same and working out the same, 1.5 pound loss, and the third, 1 lb. I did the same thing, lost a lot the first couple of weeks and then consistently 2 lbs or so. The trick is to not get frustrated, take it as a part of the journey and do your best at learning a new way to live. I ended up weighing just once a month because I did better that way, it took the frustration out by mentally moving into a new decade of weight every time I got onto the scale.


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