Measurements Don’t Lie

I have a love/hate relationship with the scale right now. Actually, I am not sure if my scale is really a good indicator of weight loss. It seems to be off about 10 pounds at any given time depending on where it sits in the laundry room. I keep telling myself to just weigh in at the gym, but that would be too easy emotionally 😩…I like to make things hard on myself!

One of the best things I did for myself was take all of my measurements the night before surgery. I took waist, hips, bust, and legs. It was something that a lot of people encouraged me to do and I am glad that I did it. Because, in fact, measurements do not lie. They cannot be manipulated, they cannot be changed by standing a different way, they just are what they are.

So this morning I thought I looked like I had dropped some pounds. I feel like my upper body is definitely looking smaller. So I decided to get out my trusty tape measure and take a look. Well, here are the facts:

Waist = -4 inches

Hips = -4 inches

Chest = -6 inches

Legs = no change

So, basically in about a month I am down 14 inches. That is nothing to sneeze at! Yay for me.

I also noticed at the gym today that my fitness is really improving. I walked/ran 6 miles and ran a lot of it!  I loved feeling sweaty and accomplished at the end.

Feeling sweaty and fabulous selfie!

Ps…I love not having a double chin.


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