Friday Funday?

I feel like I am in a funk.

This has nothing to do with weight loss but more so life.

I always start to feel like I am a little bit in limbo come late July/early August. With school starting back up in three weeks, change is upon us and I start to feel all sorts of happy and sad at the same time.

Happy because I love teaching and I love my students.

Sad because I love slow mornings and hanging out with my family.

But this summer, if I am being honest, Megan and Tyler are sort of driving me nuts. Their listening skills have been sub-par and their attitudes have really gotten on my nerves. I think we are all ready for them to get back to school. The schedule will be good for them. Earlier bed times will be great for them. Structure will be amazing for them.

And I think we need some time apart. Like a little break up…

And I think Ryan could also use a change of pace. And a little alone time.

So, no, we are not having Friday Funday. We have not done anything fun in a week. With football and cheerleading and tennis camp we have had no time to do anything.

But I am going to try and do a Litte something fun tonight. Maybe ice cream or the pool or something.

Ugh…I need to get out of this funk.



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