It’s Summer

In an effort to get out of my little funk I went ahead and got a workout in this morning. That makes six days in a row and I am super proud of myself for that. 

Things have not worked out as planned this week on the workout front (aka I overslept 3/5 days) but I managed to still get it in everyday this week which was one of my goals. I also have been drinking a ton of water and pretty much nailed my protein goal. 

This afternoon the kids and I snuck over to the pool for a few hours and it was so nice. Megan passed the swim test so she is officially able to go off the diving board (she is psyched!) and Tyler almost passed which is a miracle since he wouldn’t even put his head in the water last summer.


After hashing it out yesterday in my head I have decided to really embrace the next couple of weeks and make the most of the end of summer. My kids will never be this age again and will never have this summer back, so no matter how I am feeling I need to make it great for them (and me).

Have a great rest if the weekend everyone! Get out there and do something fun!


One thought on “It’s Summer

  1. It’s amazing what a head game this all is, isn’t it? Choosing to not be in a funk. Embracing one day at a time. Such simple concepts in my mind but so hard to execute. You are doing awesome, friend. You inspire me. I am so proud of you and I love you big time!!! 😘😘😘😘


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