50 Pounds

I have officially lost 50 pound since January. 

I am going to celebrate for a second…

And then I am going to get right back at it because I have 50 more (at least) to go.

Yay me.

When I look in the mirror I don’t see a huge difference, but what I have noticed is my clothes getting to a point where I can’t wear some of them. In fact, my very favorite dress in the whole world, you know, the one when you put it on it feels so special? Yes, that one. Is not wearable anymore. Sadness and happiness all wrapped up with a pretty bow.

August, 2015

August, 2016 (I see Ryan creeping)

My trusty plaid shirt that I started taking pictures in back in January…that’s fitting much different as well.

January, 2016

February, 2016

March, 2016

August, 2016

So, in honor of losing 50 pounds, I am going to commit to staying on track and (hopefully) getting the next 50 off within the next 7 months. I would love to be down 100 pounds by my next birthday (in March).
I have to keep reminding myself that through this journey I am worth it. I am worth getting up early every morning for a work-out. I am worth making good choices in my food and beverages. I am worth all the good days that I fee healthy and strong. 

I will leave you with one last picture today…see this guy? He weighs 50 pounds. So, basically I lost a Tyler 😉

Always TMNT pajamas…always


3 thoughts on “50 Pounds

  1. Congrats! Clothing is weird. It took me about 50 lbs before I moved sizes. By the time I got close to goal I was moving sizes about every ten pounds. Now, I still have a lot of sagging skin that keeps be from getting lower (especially around my hips and thighs) but 10-12’s are just fine with me, better than 32’s. Enjoy the changes.


      • You know, I don’t like mine but I’ve come to terms with it. I figure there are consequences to my actions of over eating for so long. I am proud of my strong body. I walk 5-7 miles a day with my dog and am not tired afterwards. Will I ever wear a bikini? No, but I am ok with shorts which is a far cry from wearing black pants the entire summer in 110 degree weather.

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