A Visit to the ER

I have to admit that over the weekend my husband and I were talking about how healthy Ryan is. Besides regular check-ups the kid has never visited the doctor. Not a sore throat, not an ear infection, nothing. He is a strong and healthy two year old.

Those words bit me in the ass last night.

See those babies? Four stitches in the crease of his hand. Baby boy fell big time.

A freak accident during Megan’s cheer practice. 

He fell and his hand landed on the aluminum top of a tennis ball can and it sliced through. Almost to the tendon.

Yes, it was as gross to look at as you could imagine.

Ryan is a trooper and he is fine. I, on the other hand can never erase what I saw before his hand was sewn up. 

I almost lost my lunch.

Our time spent in the hospital provided us with a lot of time for selfies.

Today, Shawn stayed home with the patient and I went to Kings Island with the big kids. I went on several water slides and roller coasters (because I won’t let the kids out of my sight and I am too embarrassed to step over the ride). I will say that going to KI is much more fun and easier 50 pounds lighter. It was 1,000 degrees there but we still walked like 6 miles around and around and around the park.

What have you done this week to step out of your comfort zone?


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