One Morning at a Time

It was hard to get up this morning.

My 4:40 alarm always takes me by surprise. I snooze once and am up at 4:49. It’s like clockwork, but I don’t have to like it. I often wonder if this early morning wake-up will ever get easier.

Probably not.

This morning it was particularly hard to get out of  bed. I am having persistent pain in my heal that I am sure needs medical attention (who has time for that???) and I was suffering from a hangover based on Kindergarten Orientation last night.

How in the hell did Tyler get old enough to go to Kindergarten???

Tyler is my baby boy (I know, Ryan is technically the baby, but Tyler is MY baby). When we walked into that classroom last night it took all I had to pull myself together.  The tears would.not.stop. I was such a basket case I couldn’t even go to the parent meeting. Instead I retreated to my car to listen to Justin Timberlake lullabies and cried until it hurt.

This is a tough one.

I am not mentally prepared for him to grow up. His little hand held on to mine so tight when I walked him in the Kindergarten room. And when we met back up for ice cream he wanted me to hold him. Oh, I died a little at that moment.

I know he will have a fabulous year.

His teacher is awesome.

He is ready.

But, my heart, oh, my heart, is not.


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