Enough is Enough

How do you know when enough is enough? Like, with anything in life…whether is be weight loss, marriage, friendships, job, anything. 

When do you know you have reached breaking point and it is time to move on? Shit or get off the pot, if you will.

I think all of us have evaluated and come to this point at some time in our lives.

Last November I was fed up with how I looked and how I felt. After years of yo-yo dieting and full circle moments (weight loss, weight gain, rinse and repeat) I had had enough. I was ready to do something drastic that would change my life forever.

But, as we all know, change is difficult and sometimes it is just easier to not change just to keep the status quo.

But the journey of change, while not always easy, is always worth it.

Since making that decision that fateful day in November I have spent a lot of time evaluating everything in my life. Some changes have been easy, like no longer wearing clothes that don’t make me feel terrific or standing up for myself when I feel like I have a good idea at work. 

Other changes seem to be harder. I have people in my life who I feel are unsupportive and actually kind of sabataging…people who have been a collective “monkey on my back” for a while. I really pride myself on being level headed and I most often times give people the benefit of the doubt on a lot of things. But sometimes, sometimes I sit back and evaluate and think, “When is enough enough??? Is anything ever going to change and if not, do I really want these people in my life?”

I know this is more philosophical than I normally am, but I have had a lot of time to think today and I am really questioning so many things in my life.

I guess that’s all for today…just a little thinking out loud.

Have you ever said “enough is enough” but had a hard time making the change?


4 thoughts on “Enough is Enough

  1. Ah, yes. We’ve talked before about this. Husbands can be infuriating when they think you just try a little bit of this delicious cheesecake that he brought home…we’ve had to have several conversations about being on my side with this and supporting my decisions even if he is not interested in helping himself.

    Now, I do have a sister that I finally just have to limit the contact with. She is so jealous that things come out of her mouth that are painful. I’ve had to let that go and hopefully one day she will accept it and be nicer, but I don’t need the vial.

    I’ve had friends that have really embraced me. Sometimes that is actually harder because in the back of my mind when they say I look so wonderful and talk to others about it, I wonder what they said before I lost weight😝. but that is another story.

    I really think you have to surround yourself with cheerleaders to finish this race. I don’t think u have to cut them off, but limit their ability to hurt your progress as much as you need.


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