Getting Kicked

Well, I felt sorry for myself for approximately 12 hours and then realized life is way too short to be a Debbie Downer all the time. So, I gave myself a swift kick in the booty and I am moving on.

This picture popped up in my Facebook feed this morning. In three days I will be sending Megan off to first grade and Tyler to kindergarten. I’ve aready write about how I fee about this. Denial is not a river in Egypt.

Yesterday was my first official contacted day at school. I have been up a couple of times getting my classroom together, but yesterday was meeting after meeting after meeting. FUN! But not really.

As most of you know, I have been really pushing to workout big time. I can definitely see and feel the changes in my body.  I especially feel it in my strength. I definitely am seeing some muscle definition, especially in my arms. 

With pushing it comes injuries sometimes. My heel is not feeling any better. I can’t decide if it is my trusty flip flops that is causing the problem or my tennis shoes. I *might* need to go to the doctor…which works out perfectly since, you know, my full time job starts in two days. Ugh.

My plan for the weekend is as follows:

  1. Football game
  2. Night out with the girls (yay!)
  3. Church
  4. Pool
  5. Pool
  6. More pool

We need to suck up every free moment we have! We are also going to try and sneak in one more KI trip before school starts. 


Have a great weekend! Any fun plans?


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