My oldest baby turned seven today. The best day of my life. The day I became a mother and my world was changed for the better instantly.

Just look at my face…how insanely happy I am at that moment. Her birth was perfect, very painful, but perfect. 

I love her even more now. With each passing year it is not lost on me how grateful I am to be her mom. She was a gift from God in a very horrific time in my life. 

I love her so much it sometimes hurts.

Throwback to birthday #5

Megan’s birthday got me thinking about being seven. I remember being seven because it was the first year I was put on a diet. 


I remember my seven year check-up and the doctor telling my mom she needed to “watch me” because he didn’t want me to  get too fat.

Who says that in front of a seven year old? And I wasn’t even fat at the time. Thus started my identity as the fat girl for my whole life. Still, to this day I cannot enter a room without feeling like the fattest person in it.

Can you believe that? So, I have been in a perpetual state of losing and gaining weight for the last 37 years. 

Is that not crazy? 


Well, this cycle has stopped with me…

I have vowed never to do this to Megan. My body image was messed up my whole life and I refuse to pass that down to her. I am going to live a healthy life to be a model for healthy living for her (really all of my kids). I don’t want her to spend a minute feeing bad about the way she looks. I love her for who she is and I will give her the tools to live a healthy life.

Happy birthday, my sweet Megan Elizabeth.  You make the world a better place!


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