The Perfect Weekend

I am not sure if I could have asked for a better weekend. It was the perfect mix of busy and relaxing if you know what I mean. 

I can feel fall upon us and I really couldn’t be happier. Fall is my favorite season by far. And while I love my shorts and flip flops and days by the pool, I love even more my jeans, sweatshirts, and Saturday football. 

We have a busy few months coming up, so it was nice to spend some time home this weekend.

I went shopping on Sunday and guess who bought a pair of size 16 jeans?

This girl:

It feels so good to be able to buy clothes on the regular section of the store. I haven’t done that in about 13 years.

I also spent time doing food prep which I believe is the #1 way for me to stay on top of my calories/protein/life during the week. If I do not prep, I am totally lost!

And we actually took a cute family picture on Saturday. I am only a month late getting it to Tyler’s teacher. #winning

Have a great week. Let’s do this!!!


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