10 Random Things

This was going to be one of those fun “day in the life” post, but I realized my life is kinda boring (I mean, not boring, per say, but just kind of suburban soccer momish and not that interesting). So here are some random things on a Wednesday.

  1. I drove the kids to school today and it was a party!
  2. I took the day off and played hookie with Megan at the Cincinnati Children’s Museum. We ride the bus!
  3. She got to be the dragon head for the Chinese New Year celebration because she was tall.
  4. I ate the most delicious yogurt for lunch.
  5. I took a selfie because I love that it was cool enough to put on my Hanes Sweatpants. They rock my world!
  6. I had a whole 1/2 hour to myself so I did what any busy mom would do:
  7. I let the kids make their own pizza on this rainy day and it was a success!
  8. Megan did her own math homework!!! Amazing.
  9. I made spaghetti squash for the first time and it turned out incredible!
  10. In a few minutes I will be indulging in this peanut butter/Craisin/chocolate chip/honey protein ball. Yum.

You’re welcome.

Have a great night.


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