Happy Monday, everyone. I just finished up an eight hour in service on Mental Health. It was very boring, but I did learn a lot.

My weekend flew by (don’t they always???). We started out Friday night with a play date for Ryan with his BFF Henry. We love Henry and his mom so it was fun for us to catch up with them. And we tried to get a good picture of the boys, but, two year olds…

Saturday started out with an intense work-out for me. Man, these work-outs get harder and harder. I love it!  Then, I rushed home because it was game day and I am happy to say we won! Tyler had a great game and Megan was outstanding so everyone was happy. One more game left. I think I will be sad to see the season end. I think.

And on Sunday we decided to do one more family fun day at Kings Island. Fall is the best time to go there because the weather is great and Sunday is very little crowds. The kids had a blast, we used our meal plan for lunch (free), and dinner was ready when we got home (yay, Crock-pot!).

I am looking forward to a short work week! So much going on!!!

Have a great week.


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