Halloween Without All the Candy

I have never celebrated a Halloween in my entire life where I was not obsessed with eating ALLTHECANDY!!!

I just focused on the fun of the day. I dressed up for school (I didn’t get the memo that most teachers were not dressing up) and enjoyed celebrating the event with my kiddos.

And I did have some candy.

But nothing like I would have had in the past.

Shawn did some really cool make-up on the big kids. Who knew he had such a talent with make-up? Not me.

Ryan and Megan and I waked for 2 hours straight. A slow walk, but a walk nonetheless. 

Tyler ran with some neighbors and they fizzled out after about an hour.

Megan was a DIY spider that turned out exceptional.

Ty was a superhero…obvi

And #3 was a football player, because, well, Ryan always gets hand me downs.

Everyone was happy, there were no melt downs, and all three went to bed with a drowsy smile on their face. #winning

I was up this morning for a 5 mile walk which was not necessary easy but worth it. I am looking forward to really enjoying holidays this season and not just the food!

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