Still Here

When I said I was a busy a few weeks ago, I meant it. Things have been crazy over here and this weekend seemed to be the first climax to the busy season. 

We surprised my mom with an early party for her 70th birthday. We brought in friends and family from near and far. It was a total blast and so much fun. She was so surprised and grateful and humbled. It was amazing.

Her face said it all. Total shock.

It was such a lovely weekend. 

I am absolutely exhausted and my body was not happy with me. I ended up in the doctors office on Monday with bronchitis and a double ear infection. I am feeing better now with some good drugs, lots of sleep, and very litte of anything else.

I wanted to go back to the gym this morning, but my body did not agree. One more day will do a world of good I am thinking.

Now I have grades due on Friday, a million papers to grade and report before then…the kids are in a production of Willy Wonka all weekend so we have family coming into town for that.

But, I have to keep reminding myself, busy is good and I wouldn’t want it any other way. I do love the life I live.

I had a meeting last night at school and Megan came with. We fit in an “girls only” ice cream date afterwards. We split a cotton candy in a cup. I actually thought it was gross after one bite, but Megs loved it.

I want to slow down and enjoy moments like these. Time is fleeting. I love my girl.

Have a great weeke everyone!

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