Rest Week

The business of life and ignoring my symptoms finally caught up with me. On Monday I could not get out of bed. I quickly called a sub and made an appointment to see the doctor.


Double Ear Infections

Achy Everywhere

I slept the majority of the day and I must say it was glorious. The rest of week was spent working, momming, and resting. 

I skipped my workouts which made me feel guilty for like a minute until I remembered that I was unable to take a deep breath. 

Good times.

Now I am feeling much better. One thing I do like about the time change is it does force us to come inside early and relax in the evening. 

We also have the chance to ask up daytime hours. The weather has been absolutely beautiful here. I wish it could stay like this for a good while.

I will be back to the gym on Monday. I am looking forward to the next week and a half because it is the lead up to my favorite holiday.  THANKSGIVING! 

Have a good week!


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