Weekend Revisited

We had a great mix of fun and relaxation this weekend, just how we like it!

Saturday morning started at about 5 am which was not ideal. Shawn was working so he was gone and Tyler was up. Ryan awoke shortly after that and the three of us went downstairs. Megan was up by 5:39 ugh.

I decided that early morning was the best time for us to finish Christmas cookies for the exchanges I have next weekend.

And so began three hours of dipping, frosting, and bagging cookies. Everything is so much more work with six little eager hands, but I had to keep reminding myself that we were making not just cookies but sweet memories.

After a workout and run at the gym we headed to Kroger to pick up more icing. It is then that Ryan had an epic blow out that I am sure you can image was not pretty. Clothes were promptly thrown away and we were back home for a bath in no time!

Megan and Tyler were invited to a birthday party in the evening. I love gymnastics parties more than anything else. So fun!

Saturday night we met friends for dinner. We had not seen them in a long time so it was nice to catch up. Tyler fell asleep at the table which was entertaining. 

Today we are currently at a wrestling meet and then I have a huge grocery haul that needs to happen. Our cupboards are literally bare. We need everything to have a successful week of meal planning.

Have any of you tried the “Company Chicken” recipe that is floating around Facebook? It looks yummy.

Have a great week!


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