Project Runway

Let me preface it with the following statement…

I cannot sew, I am not crafty, and I pretty much have zero designer inspirations.

But I love me some Project Runway!

To each there own…but I happen to think it is one of the best reality shows on TV. I love it from start to finish and I especially love binge watching it. Oh, it is so good!

I am having troubles in my own personal styling life. Everything I own is too big and things that I used to love I now hate. I know this is a great problem to have. Believe me, I would not want my clothes to be too tight (like, ever again!). But I struggle with feeing good in my skin and clothes play a huge role in that.

Yesterday I went shopping and I was so overwhelmed I almost cried. I have a party to attend next weekend and while it is not fancy I know that the women will be looking stylish. So I was determined to find something.

I tried on about fifteen items and ended up going back to one top several times. So I decided to buy it.

I need better undergarments, but overall I really think it is going to be a cool look for me. I finally have something that I fee excited about that isn’t too frumpy or dumpy or ugly.

I feel sheik…Project Runway approved.


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