Market Research

I love to do Market Research Studies/Panels.  Not only do I like the money associated with it, but you meet such interested people.  I am all about people who “march to the beat of a different drummer” so to speak.  I was on a panel yesterday with four different women who were so interesting to me.  It was about toilet paper and that is really all I can say (I signed a confidentiality agreement).  We spent two hours talking about  our preferences.  One of the women said she likes to bathe after every #2.  Who has time for that nonsense?

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Prior to the panel we had to write a short story about ourselves.  I actually really enjoyed writing it and I thought I would share it here.  I noticed I am getting a bit of traffic on blog so I thought this would give my trust readers (HI FRIEND!). Here we go…

Making an Impact
a short story by Elizabeth Richardson

From the day I entered Kindergarten I loved school.  I loved the classroom, my teachers, studying, reading and even homework.  Loving school turned into a passion for wanting to be a teacher.  When I was eight my parents (Santa) surprised me with a classroom of my own in the basement. It was decked out with a chalkboard (hung on the wall!), a teacher’s desk and some student desks.  But, the best, most amazing thing in the classroom were the attendance book and real teacher’s manuals in math, reading, and social studies. I can distinctly remember squealing with joy when I was directed down there.  It was like a dream come true.

I spent the next several years coercing friends and family members to play school with me all the time.  Countless hours were spent setting up my classrooms, writing out class lists and preparing my lessons for both real and imaginary students in my classroom. It was like the gift that kept on giving as far as I was concerned.

Moving into junior high and high school, my basement classroom became somewhat neglected as drama, dance, tennis, and life sort of took over.  Instead of spending time with my “students” and “lesson plans,” I began exploring my own sense of self and studying for my own real classes. The pressures of teenage life took over but my love for school never wavered.  I still enjoyed the learning process and while I didn’t love homework, I did love learning new things and being a part of the classroom experience. I observed my teachers and collected the great aspects that each one of them offered me.  I even spent four years in high school as a peer-tutor which I thought was the greatest thing ever.

By the time I moved into my senior year I was well on my way to making my imaginary life as a teacher into a reality.  My top criteria for college was a successful teacher college. I landed at John Carroll University which had one of the best teacher training programs in the Midwest. From the first semester we were given the opportunity to observe teachers and takes note of what made an exceptional teacher. It was really a dream come true for me and ignited my passion once again.  I knew my life was headed in the direction I always wanted it to go.

Four years flew by and before I knew it my dream was about to become a reality.  I received a solid job offer and was accepted into a top-notch graduate program to boot.  The following August after the dust had settled from my graduation in May and I had finished up my summer jobs as a swim instructor and waitress, I was finally able to set up my own classroom.

I was a real teacher. I cried the day I walked in and looked around at what had once been a dream finally coming to fruition.

Twenty years later and I am still as much in love with being a teacher as I was on the fateful Christmas seeing my basement “classroom.” Through the years my life has changed; I became a wife and a mother, I lost a parent to cancer, and I moved to a new city, but the one thing that has always remained constant is my love for teaching and the excitement I get when watching my students succeed.  Not every job allows you to make such an impact on people, but teaching does.  When people ask me what I teach I always respond that I teach the best kiddos in the world, year after year.

Have any of you known what you wanted to do for a career since childhood?


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