Happy New Year

New Years Eve at our house was very low key. The hubby was not feeing well and, let’s be honest, I prefer being in bed before 9pm on any given day. Why should NYE be any different?

So we had a little neighborhood friend sleep over and I beieve the kids made it way longer then I did. Ryan was in bed and asleep at his normal 7:30.

But New Years Day was a different story. I decided this year I wanted to start a tradition with my family. Sometimes we go to Buffalo over Christmas but most years we are just here. So about a week ago I started thinking about doing something really fun and memorable with the kids…something we could do Year after year and it would be a tradition that we could look forward to…and it could be something the young and old could take part in.

I decided we would start the day with church at the downtown cathedral, St. Peter in Chains. I have never been there but I had heard it is gorgeous. I also researched and saw that our Catholic Bishop would be presiding over a special Massfor World Peace” and there would be a small reception afterwards.


Arch-Bishop Schnurr at the recessional.

At the altar after mass

The picture does this no justice…one of the prettiest nativity scenes ever.

The kids were so good and the highlight for them was the cheese, crackers, and cookies afterwards (obvi). But I loved the whole experience of it. It felt special and as I prayed over our new year I knew I was starting the year in the exact place I was supposed to.

Then we headed over for ice skating in the square downtown. Another activity I have never done but was looking forward to sharing it with the kiddos.

A total natural!

He was tentative at first but ended up doing awesome.

Ryan was a champ and mommy did well holding his hand and skating at the same time.

Trying to get a pic of all three looking at the camera was the hardest part of the day.

Ha…Ryan’s face

It was honestly one of the best days I have ever had. And I know the older the kids get the more fun they will have with this awesome tradition. 

There was incident or injury until we were walking back to the car and Tyler ran into a parked car face first. Don’t even ask me how this happened…I have no idea. All I know is he will be heading back to school with a big old shiner. 

It looks as bad as it felt.

Today I had a solid work-out and am getting my ducks in a row for school to start tomorrow. I am kind of looking forward to getting back to a schedule but also sad we will be losing my favorite part of any break…the slow morning.

Have a great day!


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